Worth seeing

Włoszczowa Municipality

  • Our Lady of Włoszczowa Sanctuary
  • Włoszczowa Mound in Włoszczowa
  • Regional Chamber of Włoszczowa Region in Włoszczowa
  • Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Florian in Czarnca where you can see
    • sarcophagus - Hetman Stefan Czarniecki's burial place
    • a painting of Madonna with the Christ Child from Hetman's Stefan Czarniecki's field-altar
  • Park (arboretum) from the mid 1960's in Czarnca
  • Stefan Czarniecki's Monument in Czarnca
  • Hetman Stefan Czarniecki's Memorial Chamber in Czarnca
  • Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kurzelów
  • St. Anne Graveyard Chapel in Kurzelów
  • Church of the Birth of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in Bebelno
  • Watering Resort - Klekot Reservoir  in Łachów
  • Horse Riding Centre - Joanna and Leszek Rak in Czarnca
  • Horse Riding Centre - Bożena and Marek Bomba in Łachów

Kluczewsko Municipality

  • Arian church ruins in Łapczyna Wola
  • Granary (coach house) in Kluczewsko
  • St. Laurent Parish Church from the 18th Century in Kluczewsko
  • Exaltation of the Holy Cross Parish Church from the 17th Century in Januszewice
  • St. Jacob Parish Church from the 16th Century in Stanowiska
  • Horse Riding Centre - Janina i Alfred Strychalscy in Rączki

Krasocin Municipality

  • Manor House from the second half of the 18th Century in Ludynia
  • Brick Dutch Windmill from the Early 19th Century in Krasocin
  • St. Dorothy and Tekla Parish Church in Krasocin
  • The Most Holy Virgin Mary Cave Chapel in Krasocin
  • Manor House from the 18th Century in Oleszno
  • Early Baroque Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Oleszno
  • Manor House  from the 19th Century in Wola Świdzińska
  • Arian Church ruins from the second half of the 16th Century at St. Michael Mount in Gruszczyn

Moskorzew Municipality

  • St. Margaret Parish Church in Moskorzew

Radków Municipality

  • Crying Virgin Mary Sanctuary in Dzierzgów
  • Wooden Our Lady of Częstochowa Church in Kossów
  • Watering Resort - Oksa Reservoir in Chycz

Secemin Municipality

  • St. Catherine and St. John the Evangelist Church in Secemin
  • Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church in Kuczków
  • Manor House from the Early 20th Century in Bichniów

Przedbórz Municipality

  • St. Alexis Parish Church w Przedbórz
  • The remains of Casimir the Great's Castle in Przedbórz
  • Town Hall in Przedbórz
  • Town Square in Przedbórz
  • Jewish Cemetery in Przedbórz
  • Wayside Shrines in Przedbórz built in the times of cholera epidemics
  • Ferdynand Lange's Manor House w Wola Przedborska
  • St. Nicholas Parish Church in Żeleźnica

Fałków Municipality

  • Manor Complex in Fałków
  • Ethnographic and Historical Museum in Fałków
  • Parish Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas in Czermno
  • Manor House and Park in Skórnice
  • Manor Park in Starzechowice

Ruda Maleniecka Municipality

  • Historical Metallurgical Mill (Historical Rolling Mill from the 19th Century) in Maleniec
  • Tilery and Paper Mill in Machory
  • Ormanicha Forest Range
  • St. Laurent Parish Church in Lipa
  • Brick Chapel at the Parish Church from 1848 in Ruda Maleniecka

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