Local Strategy for Fisheries Development is the second most important document after the Statute. It is a source of most important information, including LFG operational area description, its resources, criteria, undertaking, operation assessment criteria and budget. It is an outcome of our several months' efforts to integrate and plan of Between Nida and Pilica Rivers LFG operational area development.

Obtaining financial support for LSFD is a great chance for our Region. Linking the planned actions with activities of the three Local Action Groups and nine local governments offers an opportunity to secure some additional effects of LSFD.

In the course of LSFD, we were able to gain commitment from the representative of the social, business and public sectors. Representatives of fisheries business were fully committed to LSFD. Thanks to the collaboration, were able to realize the needs of the entire LFG area and to define its expectations.

We determined that the economic development of Between Nida and Pilica Rivers LFG Regions was the most important thing for us, because it would directly affect the development of the entire fishing-dependent area and improve life quality of fishing communities. LSFD caters to the needs of each sector and, what is most important, points out to common lines of action - entrepreneurship, tourism and recreational infrastructure, competitiveness and attractiveness of the fisheries sector.

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