About us

The association called Between The Nida and Pilica Rivers LFG was established on 16 September 2009 as an initiative of 9 municipalities and members of local communities living in the fishing areas.

Local Fisheries Group represents three sectors - social, business and public ones, and covers the area of 9 municipalities - Fałków, Kluczewsko, Krasocin, Moskorzew, Przedbórz, Radków, Ruda Maleniecka, Secemin and Włoszczowa.

Objectives, statutory bodies and operational principles of LFG

Objectives of the association:

  1. Activities aimed at sustainable development of fishing areas;
  2. Activation of fishing-dependent communities;
  3. Implementation of the Local Strategy for Fisheries Development (ILSFD);
  4. Alleviation of the effects of structural changes in the fisheries sector;
  5. Collaboration with other fishing-dependent communities across the country.

Statutory bodies of Between Nida and Pilica Rivers LFG:

  1. General Meeting of Members;
  2. Board of Directors;
  3. Audit Commission;
  4. Committee.

The Association accomplishes its aims through:

  1. Development and adoption of  ILSFD for LFG operational area;
  2. Popularization of ILSFD assumptions;
  3. Implementation of tasks arising out of ILSFD;
  4. Counselling on preparation of ILSFD-related projects;
  5. Popularization of information on conditions and principles of support related to the implementation of projects proposed by applicants, project selection criteria and the procedure of filing support applications under ILSFD;
  6. Selection of projects (operations) to be financed under the Operational Programme Sustainable Development of the Fisheries Sector and Coastal Fishing Areas 2007-2013.
  7. Promotion of gender equality and activation of people under 30.

Our members