Between Nida and Pilica Rivers Local Fisheries Group was set up to implement tasks under Axis 4 of the Operational Programme FISH 2007-2013.

Between Nida and Pilica Rivers LFG is an association with members including representatives of the three sectors - public, social and business ones. What is most important for us is to secure business development of the LFG area, as it directly affects the development of the whole fishing-dependent area and improves life quality of fishing communities. Local Strategy for Fisheries Development, which is the second most important document after the Statute, caters to the needs of each sector and, what is most important, points out to the common lines of action, to include entrepreneurship, tourism and recreational infrastructure, competitiveness and attractiveness of the fisheries sector.

We wish to develop tourism, based on the fisheries sector resources, as well as offering unique tourist products. Come and visit our region!

Our members